Employees can go through 7 stages in their tenure at an organisation. Identifying where you are in the cycle can provide incredible clarity for your career, your development and your mindset at work.

The 7 stages are:

  1. Excited / Optimistic
  2. Out of Place
  3. Lots to Learn
  4. Comfort
  5. Seeking More
  6. Not Seen or Heard
  7. Planning Next Move or Exit

To gain the best insight into your future plans, assess where you feel you’re at in the Employee Cycle. Take the following steps to gain more clarity and focus about your career and work life.

  1. Identify the stage you’re in
  2. How do you feel about the stage you’re in? Are you currently in the ‘Seeking More’ stage, feeling quite frustrated, overwhelmed and confused? Are you feeling you’re not sure where to turn to clarify what this seeking more stage means for you? You know you’re feeling restless but unsure what it is?
  3. Managing the stage you’re in requires some strategic action, thought and planning. If you’re seeking more, consider discussing your restlessness with your manager. Seek out training organisations in your field and consider study as an option to add new qualifications to your experience. Investigate whether you would consider changing roles or even professions entirely!
  4. Tap into a toolkit for each stage. Strategies for the ‘Out of Place’ stage, may require you to be more vulnerable than you’ve previously been. Ask more questions, seek more guidance and garner support from colleagues as well as your manager. Attend any relevant industry events to gain more insight into your organisation. Take advantage of any available manuals, training guides or company programs that may be available.  Ask! Forming key relationships in this stage is crucial to assist in minimising the overwhelm and confusion of this phase.
  5. Strategically plan your work experience and tenure at an organisation. Armed with the knowledge of the employee cycle, plan and prepare your career path. Consider the timing of each cycle, take advantage of each one too, to learn and grow, as a professional and as a leader.

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