The stress and overwhelm of our working lives can become all encompassing.

Work these days seems to never have a shut off button. We’re always connected, thanks to the joys of technology!  The benefits of taking even just one day to disconnect, are many. The results can have a significant effect on realigning your work and career energy, your zest, your engagement and your mindset. Give yourself space and time to shine.

  1. Opportunity to reignite your creativity. Being creative and engaging in creative pursuits is a key happiness pillar. We often go on autopilot at work with our usual day to day. The time to breathe, think, re-focus and get quiet allows the space for creativity to flourish.

  2. Take a mental health day before you start sensing you’re going to ‘lose it’. We all have a professional brand, that we portray, cultivate and display. Protect yours by knowing when you need that break before you start acting terse, frustrated, and unapproachable.

  3. Are you on a bonus scheme as part of your remuneration package? Having the fore-thought to take a mental health day can help to re-group, re-energise and re-focus. So you do not fall behind in your achievements, taking a day can largely contribute to the success of attaining your KPI’s.

  4. Takes the emotion out of decision making when were under pressure, overworked and overwhelmed, our emotions can get the better of us. A day at home, out of the office can produce immense clarity and fresh perspective on situations and challenges.

  5. Mitigates burnout. No one thrives in a habit of constant go, go, go. The demands of careers and personal life thrive best in a balanced environment. Take responsibility for your well-being for yourself, your family and friends by managing your emotions before burnout occurs.

  6. It is crucial to protect your personal boundaries. Being mentally, emotionally and physically available for our families and friends insures another pillar of happiness is met and that is……connection.
  7. Allows the nervous system to recover and realign. The constant stimulation of screens, people, demands, meetings, deadlines, commitments, staff, noise, rushing, air-cons, phones and emails is an overload to our nervous system. Your emotions, body and spirit will thank you for the welcome relief from this day to day grind.

  8. Re-energise your mindset. A mental health day can re-calibrate positive thinking, clarity, happiness and a sense of calm. 

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