Get Unstuck

This is the package for you if you know you need to make changes but you don’t know where to start. Together we’ll create enough breathing space in your life and career to start making changes you might not even think are possible right now. We’ll look at your strengths, your big ‘why’ and get you into the right mindset to get unstuck and building momentum.


  • Get clarity on your strengths
  • Identify your big ‘why’
  • Shift your mind-set out of stress and into joy and flow
  • Create enough breathing space in your life to have the energy to take impactful action
  • A set of easy-to-implement actions you can put in place immediately to start seeing results towards your ultimate career dream.

Package Includes

  • Includes 1 (one off) x 90 minute session
  • Discovery questionnaire
  • Personality test
  • Rapid-action strategy templates
  • Email support for 4 weeks after your session and 15% discount on your next booking.

How our time together works

Depending on your needs, desires and required outcomes, we’ll work together for 3-6 months.  You’ll start by getting all your thoughts down on paper with my discovery questionnaire. A great way to identify your strengths is by completing my personality survey – we can then really hone in on you, the real you.  You’ll answer questions you probably have never considered before or had the time to contemplate. We’ll then connect by phone, Skype or in person, discuss your questionnaire and really drill down on the results you’re wanting to achieve at the end of our time together. It’s then about planning, goals and action steps.

If you’re ready to dig deep, take meaningful steps towards your success, I’m here as your coach, your support and all-round cheerleader.