Ladies, it’s time to stop
working so damn hard!

Ladies, it’s time to stop
working so damn hard!

As women we take on so much, but what if I told you that you could achieve your ultimate career dream by actually doing LESS?

When women come to work with me, their days often look something like this…

When women come to work with me, their days often look something like this…

They wake up with a sigh ‘Surely it isn’t supposed to be this hard?’, they mumble. The familiar call of ‘Muuuum!’ echoes down the hallway as they drag themselves out of bed,  get to work, field a thousand questions with the agile skill of Wonder Woman, hit ten deadlines before lunch, fix everyone else’s problems (while neglecting their own), rush to one meeting after another feeling more like a manager than a leader, get called into senior management to have a project that’s not really in in their skill set dropped into their lap, get overlooked for that promotion they were sure they were a shoe-in for, go home later than they swore they would, gulp down a green smoothie because it’s the one healthy thing they can fit into their day and fall back into bed thinking ‘If I just keep working harder the rewards will come’.

I see this in smart, talented, determined women every single day.

And it breaks my heart! Because big career dreams don’t materialise from hard work. They materialise from a solid strategy that’s planned and enacted with sovereignty; one that’s based on your unique strengths, your ‘why’ and a whole lot of working smarter, not harder. The great thing is that if you’re reading this, you already have what it takes. You just need a better plan.

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Hi, I’m Dione McCurdy

I’m a conscious career coach with fifteen years experience in corporate HR and professional coaching, and I help women move their careers forward in a way that feels spectacular. When women start working with me they’re usually under the impression (even if it’s an unconscious belief!) that if they work hard enough for long enough they’ll get the recognition, promotion and accolades they deserve. But that’s just not how it works. The road to career success doesn’t have to be paved with workaholic tendencies, burn out, battling corporate egos and frustration. There is another way.

My purpose is to show you that way.

While working with Dione, I went from confusion, overwhelm and totally stuck in my career to clarity, easy action steps and a greater self-confidence. I would highly recommend coaching with Dione if you want real results.

Kirralee Ramsay

Financial Controller

Dione has been an incredible support to help shift and my mindset around leadership, confidence and navigating the corporate world. Her heart centred approach is completely different from anything I’ve done before but so amazingly effective as seen in the results I received in my 6 months program. I can’t recommend Dione enough.

Samantha Passmore

General Manager - Procurement

My career just felt like a struggle, auto-pilot, lacked any fulfilment or joy before I started coaching with Dione. I actually learnt to slow down, work in a smarter and strategic way rather than the endless office hours I was doing. Dione helped me to find the passion in my career, lead my team with confidence and finally enjoy going to work again! Dione’s coaching has been a game changer for me!

Lisa Smith

Marketing Manager