Want to know what I get asked about the most? Career Clarity. Clarity is power!

Many clients who coach with me often want to gain clarity on where to go next in their career. They are often so busy buried deep in their job, their life, they do not take the time to step back and really ask, what do I want? Am I fulfilled in this role? Does this align for me?

Here are my top 10 secrets to start you on your journey to career clarity:

1. Know Your Values – it is crucial to clearly identify your values and what’s most important to you, your priorities, your non-negotiables.

2. Know Your Strengths – to be able to articulate your strengths allows you to work within your zone of genius. To work totally to your strengths feels like full alignment and flow.

3. Know Your Why – you may likely have forgotten why you do the role you do. Feeling into why you go to work other than money, helps you to feel connected and engaged.

4. Know Your Flow State – flow is the feeling where time disappears, you feel enlivened and on purpose. Recognise this space for yourself.

5. Know Your Work History Patterns – take a moment to look at all your past role experiences and interactions at work – is there a pattern? Are you having the same issues job to job, boss to boss, staff to staff?  There are deep learnings here.

6. How Do You Mostly Feel at Work – is there a constant feeling of dread going to work? Are you completely overwhelmed? What’s key here is to clearly know how you want to feel at work and take steps towards this feeling.

7. What’s Your Engagement Language – knowing your key drivers for engagement such as money or recognition or flexible arrangements or other perks, lines you up for deeper alignment to your true self.

8. What’s Your Prominent Inner Dialogue – your inner voice of constant chatter could be sabotaging your career. Constant thoughts or beliefs of not good enough, don’t know enough, how come they always get the promotion, ‘my boss just hates me’. The constant dialogue needs a positive mindset shift for you to create the career you’ve always wanted.

9. What Have You Always Wanted To Do – thinking back to a time when you had big dreams and goals and they felt alive, exciting, way before life business and responsibilities took over. What was your dream back then? Do you secretly have a desire to take steps towards your goals from the past? Is it time?

10. Do You Feel Connected – we all seek connection. It is a human need. Is your place of work an environment that you feel accepted, seen, heard and connected to those around you? Is this a core value you need to nourish more deeply?

Clarity is power. Taking a step back to really feel into what you do want for yourjjj career steers you towards a deeper knowing of the real you and aligning to your purpose, dreams and your soul’s desires.

Dione McCurdy is a Career Energy Alignment Coach who through 1:1 coaching, online courses, workshops and blogs, gives her clients tools and practices to create a fulfilling career of their dreams! Connect with Dione today or simply access her Free Career Resources at www.dionemccurdy.com