My HR are door of the old days could be somewhat of a revolving door. Staff members sitting and voicing their concerns and ultimately what they needed to feel engaged, challenged, seen and heard at work.

Brene Brown says – ‘Leaders must either invest a reasonable amount of time attending to fears and feelings or squander an unreasonable amount of time trying to manage ineffective and unproductive behaviour’.

The vulnerability and courage needed for a staff member to speak up about their fears, concerns and needs is immense and should be honoured.

Your staff need from you as a leader these five things to thrive:

  1. Your time and engagement – we all have an ingrained need to be seen, heard and validated. Team members need to feel they are seen as a person not just a number. Taking the time to talk, not just about work related topics but sharing about you as a person and engaging with them in true interest, speaks volumes.

2. Clear direction, expectation and purpose. Having clarity and known expectations as well as the why behind the work provides staff with safety, inclusion and validation.

3. To know your why. Sharing your personal why for your career work and professional path allows your team to really see you, trust you and the opportunity to resonate with you as a person and the leader you are.

4. Courage, compassion and empathy. Brene Brown calls it leading with an unarmoured heart. This is wholehearted living. The ability to lead your staff from a place of whole heartedness encourages behaviour of inclusion, trust, engagement and ultimately deep loyalty to you as a leader and your cause.

5. Modelling leadership behaviour. Leading by example in crucial times encouragement minimizations of ego, humility and leveraging the heart in all interaction creates a team of unity able to achieve anything!

We are all hard wired for connection and an effective leader has the innate skills to embody this with wholehearted leadership. The challenge of leadership is not in staff management, it’s a leader simply knowing and trusting themselves to vulnerably behave with an open and courageous heart.

‘In the past jobs were about muscle, now they’re about brains but in the future, they’ll be about heart’. Minouche Shafik

The future is here.

Dione McCurdy is a Career Energy Alignment Coach who through 1:1 coaching, online courses, workshops and blogs, gives her clients tools and practices to create a fulfilling career of their dreams! Connect with Dione today or simply access her Free Career Resources at