Well hello there!

I’m Dione. Career strategist, dharma diva and advocate of a joyful working life.


I’m Dione. Career strategist, dharma diva and advocate of a joyful working life.

If dharma isn’t a word you’ve heard before, it essentially means ‘the path where you are heading towards your true destiny or purpose’. And that’s where my story connects with yours.

After fifteen years working in the corporate world of Human Resources and career coaching I’ve seen so many smart and talented women get stuck in their careers even though it’s obvious they’re meant for more.

I’ve seen women who subconsciously feel not good enough and shy away from the roles they want. I see women with brilliant ideas hiding in boardroom meetings because they don’t feel heard, I see women working too hard and burning out in a blaze of coffee stains and all-nighter deadlines and I see women unconsciously sabotaging amazing opportunities to move up the career ladder. All these women have the best intentions – to be successful and live their true purpose.

They're just unknowingly using ineffective strategies to get themselves there.

And when you think about it, is it so surprising? In educational institutions we’re taught what we need to know about our specific professions. We’re taught how to do our jobs, and yes, we do them well. But we’re not taught how to navigate the corporate world.

My dharma is to help women navigate the corporate world using a combination of practical and heart centred strategies. My coaching will be a fit for you if you want to:

  • Clear confusion and frustration to set clear goals;
  • Achieve those goals with ease and flow;
  • Learn how to use your core strengths to your advantage;
  • Move (or circumvent!) any roadblocks in your way;
  • Move fast to avoid corporate burn out;
  • Throw your corporate mask aside and be yourself at work;
  • Get the insider’s guide to navigating corporate egos and
    organisational politics with charm and eloquence;
  • Learn how to secure career opportunities everybody wants;
  • Be a leader everyone loves;
  • Integrate your career with your ideal lifestyle;
  • And most of all achieve your highest purpose with sovereignty and joy.

Why should you work with me?

Chances are I’ve either been where you are now or you’ve got something in common with one of the thousands of women I’ve worked with. I know the challenges and also the opportunities inherent in each step of the career progression journey and guiding you to achieve your highest purpose with joy is my highest purpose! It’s win-win and I can’t wait to see you reach that career utopia you’ve been dreaming of.

On a personal note...

  • I was born in Melbourne and grew up on the Gold Coast – Mum and Dad decided that Catholic all-girls school was my only education path. The nuns would often say to us ‘You are strong, thinking young women’. Thank you, Sister Rita!
  • I have the honour of raising two amazing daughters who are divine and provide me with many of life lessons and inspire me to be a better person every day. 
  • I lived in London for 4 years – this started out with me pulling pints in the local pub but quickly progressed to 3.5 years in finance recruitment and business management.
  • I have what I deem to be a very under control handbag obsession (my daughters would say differently!)
  • Lover of books, books and more books
  • I’m sure I need another kaftan….I don’t have one in yellow
  • Peonies are my favourite flower
  • I love Indian food
  • Adore my fur baby shitsu Milo
  • I am a trained Make-up artist and nail technician
  • I have been passionate about human behaviour, personal and spiritual development most of my life and have studied it since I was 17 years old


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