Resigning can be an uncomfortable conversation, particularly if you’ve been in a role for some time and you’ve dedicated many years to the organisation.

Here are your top tips:

  1. Ensure you have the new employment contract terms and conditions and all logistics of the new role, bedded down before you talk to your present employer. 
  2. It’s key to be crystal clear on why you’re leaving. Is your new role fulfilling the missing pieces of your current position? Have you exhausted all other avenues to remain in the present company? Is this a considered, thought through decision?
  3. Always act with integrity prepare yourself prior to your resignation. Be clear, concise, professional and accommodating if you can.
  4. Know your current contract the terms, notice period, restraint clauses or any other restrictions of trade.
  5. In case you are counter offered, think through what your response may be. If you’re purely driven by money and this is on the table, take the time away from the meeting before answering.
  6. Don’t ever burn your bridges if you can be open to an extended notice period then agree to this professional courtesy if appropriate.
  7. Pick your timing! This can be a difficult conversation to have and broach with your boss. Ensure you have captured your boss at the best time possible or even schedule in the meeting for greater conversation success!
  8. Clearly discuss the communications to staff. To mitigate Chinese whispers and confusion, discuss the communications and exit strategy with your leader.
  9. Professionally prepare handover notes.  Always leave on a positive note and extend the courtesy to your replacement by clearing outlining any helpful notes, documents and procedures.
  10. Agree to an exit interview if you wish to. These are fairly standard at most organisations. However, this process is not compulsory, so participate at your own discretion. 

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